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World Cyber Arena 2015 Dota2部門の東南アジアオープン予選の募集を開始!

World Cyber Arena 2015 Dota2部門の東南アジアオープン予選の募集を開始!


1.World Cyber Arena2015(WCA2015)とは


厳密な選考によって、WCA2015のプロフェッショナル予選に参加するチームは決定された。これらのチームは非常に強く、これまでの試合で観衆に大きな感動を巻き起こしたチームが選ばれている。例えばDota2部門のMVP.Phoenix、Heroes of the Storm部門の、Warcraft3部門のReprisalなどである。彼らのすばらしいプレイから生み出されるストラテジーは、右に出るものがいないほどだ。君たちが彼らのように輝かしいプレイヤーになりたいのなら、必ずWCA2015のオープン予選に出場しよう。



 上のページにアクセスし、3.のApply for the matchから参加登録方法を選ぶ。Emailとアプリの2種類で参加登録が可能。



  • 優勝: 50,000元 [約93万円]

  • 準優勝: 20,000元 [約37万円]

  • 3位: 10,000元 [約19万円]


6.1、Single-elimination of BEST OF THREE

6.2、Before match, the referee will toss coin to decide the side.

6.3、If late for more than half an hour,the team will be judged as lose.

6.4、 If a player who is not the BanPick operation disconnect, this player need connect back to the battle immediately, then battle will go on; if a player who is the BanPick operation disconnect, restart the game, however the sequence and the selection of hero will be same as before.

6.5、 If the game crashes before 10 minutes passed and can be not recovered, restart the game. Both of the team have to use the hero as the same as before and try their best to restore the action or strategy, for example: the items, skill plus point, route selection and so on have to be recovered.

6.6、 If the game crashes after 10 minutes passed and can be not recovered, according to the amount of kills/towers crashed/gap between experience and economy the referee will judge which team has obvious advantage. The team which has obvious advantage will be the winner. If no obvious advantage, restart the game, the selection of camp and hero have to be the same as before.

6.7、Any cheating found, the qualification for the team will be canceled.

6.8、WCA reserves the ultimate explanation rights.